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Acacia honey
Acacia honey is one of the best varieties of honey. Honey collected from white and yellow acacia is highly appreciated for its tenderness and slow crystallization. Acacia honey is widely regarded as the brightest honey.

Honey gathering place
Yellow Acacia or Caragana tree (Сaragana arborescens Lam.), the best nectar-bearing plant for acacia honey, can mostly be found within the territory of Western Siberia, Altai krai, and some areas of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Enveloping, delicate and sophisticated floral taste.

It is light-colored, almost transparent with a slight yellow tint.

TOP 5 healing properties
  1. one of the lowest calorie honey among flower honey varieties - about 288 to 305 calories per 100 grams.
  2. The best honey for children, it is rich in vitamin A (carotene), which helps to prevent blindness.
  3. Due to the highest fructose content It is safe for people suffering from diabetes.
  4. It shows antimicrobial effect and used as a perfect restorative and sedative. Insomnia will not be your problem anymore.
  5. Its glycemic index is the lowest among floral honey about 30-35.

We offer
Our beekeepers gather yellow-acacia honey from several apiaries located in ecologically clean areas of the Altai Foothills. We guarantee purity and naturalness of yellow acacia honey.
There are 2 way of packing available:
Small size packing: glass jars ~250g to 1000g.
Bulk packing: barrels ~280kg., plastic cubes~30kg.
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