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Buckwheat honey
Buckwheat honey is a nutritious and healing product produced by bees sipping nectar from buckwheat flowers. This honey deserves the title of the most healing product. It is remarkable by a high content of macro-, microelements, as well as antioxidants and polyphenols. It contains about 20 amino acids which play the key role in the process of metabolism.

Honey gathering place
Buckwheat fields of Altai krai.

Rich balanced-sweet with spicy and harsh flavor

dark brown, amber-colored with a slightly reddish shade.

TOP 5 healing properties
  1. It is highly recommended if suffering from iron deficiency anemia or vitamins shortage.
  2. It is rich in antioxidants, so it helps to prevent aging and heart diseases.
  3. The use of honey contributes to an increase in the concentration of vitamin C up to 47%, the content of beta-carotene also increases (up to 3%)
  4. Good for arterial hypertension and blood-stroke prevention.
  5. Helps to purify the blood, reduces the risks of blood pressure elevation.

We offer
Our beekeepers gather buckwheat honey from dozens of apiaries located close to ecologically clean buckwheat fields of Altai krai. We guarantee purity and quality of our honey.
There are 2 way of packing available:   
Small size packing: glass jars ~250g to 1000g.
Bulk packing: barrels ~280kg., plastic cubes~30 kg

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