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Melilot honey
Melilot honey is one of the most exotic and premium varieties of monofloral honey. Its value lies in its unique healing properties. It has a special taste and balanced composition.

Honey gathering place
Honey is collected from the honeydew of the sweet clover (Latin Melilótus), which are sown in the fields of Altai

very soft, without cloying, with vanilla notes

Straw-colored, light yellow

TOP 5 healing properties
  1. Helps fast recovery in diseases of the upper respiratory tract
  2. Builds your strength up after physical, mental or emotional stress;
  3. Healthfully influence on the nervous system, has a mild sedative effect;
  4. dilates blood vessels, improves blood circulation;
  5. helps with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, gastric ulcer outside the acute stage)

We offer
Our beekeepers gather rapeseed honey from a couple of apiaries located close to Altai Fields. We guarantee purity and quality of our honey.
There are 2 way of packing available:
Small size packing: glass jars ~250g to 1000g.
Bulk packing: barrels ~280kg., plastic cubes~30 kg
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