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Mountain honey
Altai mountain honey is a unique product receives into itself all the healing properties of medicinal herbs growing on the slopes of mountains and alpine meadows. Many of the plants, which give honey a special healing powers are endemics – they can be found in Altai krai only.
It makes mountain honey not only delicious, but also a healing product. Mountain honey has done from such plants as hawthorn, thyme, lemon balm, radiola, oregano.

Honey gathering place
Ecologically clean area of Altai foothills

Pleasant and rich sweet taste with a slight sourness

From light yellow to amber-colored

TOP 5 healing properties
  1. Due to the content of natural sugars (about 80%), water (18%), minerals, vitamins, pollen and protein (2%), mountain honey provides an easily absorbed energy reserve, which makes it an ideal source of energy before and after training.
  2. Honey is rich in vitamins B, C, K, E
  3. Daily use improves the digestive system functioning.
  4. Useful for children, stimulates the development and growth of the child, strengthens his immunity. (doctor's consultation is needed.)
  5. Helps to get rid of stress and nervous disorders and insomnia.

We offer
Our beekeepers gather rapeseed honey from a couple of apiaries located in ecologically clean areas of Altai Foothills. We guarantee purity and quality of our honey.
There are 2 way of packing available:
Small size packing: glass jars ~250g to 1000g.
Bulk packing: barrels ~280kg., plastic cubes~30 kg
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