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Sunflower honey
Sunflower honey is a monofloral natural product of beekeeping. It looks like a thick, viscous golden-colored mass. This honey comes from pollen and nectar of the sunflower plants.

Honey gathering place
Steppe area of Western Siberia. It is very widespread and can be easily found almost each area.

A very special, slightly oily and reminiscent of sunflower seeds taste with a strong aftertaste.

Golden, yellow or amber-colored.

TOP 5 healing properties
  1. It is a storehouse of glucose among bee products, contains vitamins E and PP and beta—carotenes, which are very useful for the human body.
  2. The product improves the functioning of the intestines and liver due to its detoxification effect;
  3. Honey enzymes helps to fight stomach ulcers, gastritis and even intestinal inflammation.
  4. Daily use recovers your strength, boosts tone and immunity.
  5. High glucose content helps to recover from injuries, normalize metabolism and the functioning of the cardiovascular system

We offer
Our beekeepers gather rapeseed honey from dozens of apiaries located in steppes areas. We guarantee purity and quality of our honey.
There are 2 way of packing available:
Small size packing: glass jars ~250g to 1000g.
Bulk packing: barrels ~280kg., plastic cubes~30 kg
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